How to hang your Smacker

With every Smacker sold comes with three (3) items:

1. A paper template (outline) of your specific Smacker with DOWN ARROW (direction of gravity) and location of wire hanger on back so you can place the anchor/screw correctly first time without turning your wall into a Swiss cheese.

2. A #6 drywall anchor and 1 1/2 " screw (holds up to 50 lbs) to hang your Smacker on. 

3. A tiny tube of Superglue to reattach any ceramic pieces that might have come loose or off during shipping. I don't expect this to happen but better you make the quick and easy repair yourself than sending the damn thing back to me to fix it in 5 minutes. 

If any of these tasks are too much for you -- or your designated helper -- I suggest that you facetime me and I'll walk you through it. Please text me before Facetiming so I'll be dressed and ready for your call. Okay?

Scott Bruce

857 300 7943

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